Bat Watching

Bats are mammals with wings that naturally blessed in sustained flight. Bats are nocturnal birds depending on fruits, insects and meat. So basically, Bats can be carnivores, omnivorous and herbivores too depending on the different food habits they follow. Most effective orientation system is having by bats using sound signals to perceive their environment.

Sri Lanka is famous on being a home to various types of bats and there are about 30 species of bats unique to each other.

Mainly bats are divided into 3 types depending in their food habits

  • 1. Insectivorous bats
  • 2. Frugivorous bats
  • 3. Meat eating bats
Bats can be found in forests, caves, water streams and even in the cities in Sri Lanka. We use bat detectors to watch and explore the bats inhabiting in different places. We (company name) research on the frequency ranges of the bats who live in Sri Lanka. Because bats have a unique range of sound signals called eco location

Some species of bats reported by W.W.A Philips in ‘Manual of the Mammals of Ceylon’ is the last book written on bats in Sri Lanka. After this book no other book is written or no research is done on bats in Ceylon. But Manual of the Mammals of Ceylon speaks on the importance of the bats in Sri Lanka. As a company we are encouraging locals and foreigners to get into the Field of studying on bats by collecting primary data and to have more studies on bats as it’s a rare research site to carry on but with rich data on the field.