Dragonflies are a representation of human culture and Symbol of courage, strength and happiness. They are predators in both in their larval stage and in adult stage. But yet dragonflies are an eye catcher of many nature lovers due to their unique lifestyle and the color patches on the elongated body.

Dragon flies come in 2 categories as one male version and one female version.

  • 1. Dragonflies
  • 2. Damselflies
Dragonflies are commonly seen around waterfalls, paddy fields and water streams. In Sri Lanka water streams are a common sight to catch as well as dragonflies around it. The different color combinations of the dragonflies make the watchers interesting on following them and observing them.

Dragonfly watching is not only a hobby but also a field of academic studies up to PHD even thesis. Professional dragon fly explorers have a keen observation dragonflies and Damselflies to follow on the academic based researchers for bachelors up to PHD level studies. Sri Lanka is a fine place t observe many Endemic species of Dragonflies and Damselflies as Sri Lanka is covering 118 species of Dragonflies including 52 Endemic species.