Birds paradise Sri Lanka the pearl of the Indian Ocean with rich diversity of flora and fauna where it’s home for 439 species of birds with Endemic, migrating and breeding birds. In Sri lanka, the birds you see today will not be there tomorrow but to see other hundreds of new birds’ sights. The thick forest covers, grasslands, water paths, high lands and wetlands are common sights in Sri Lanka where happy homes for birds around around the world. This whimsicality is why Sri Lanka is one finest destination for bird watching and trekking birds.

We.…. (our company name), escorted travelers with specialized bird watches for 18 long years counting numerous adventures with all bird watchers joined with us around the world. To give the best experience with the bird trekking and sight-seeing with a skillful team of trekkers, is the passion of our team. (Ur company name) capture the best experience for the bird watchers with decorous encounters of bird watching.

Sri Lanka Trekking Team ( I hope it’s ur name) is recommended annually by Lonely Planet Sri Lanka for trekking and camping. Page 175 of the newest edition of Lonely Planet describes the specialty of (ur company name) and the enormous service we rend to the country to help to conserve the wild life of Sri Lanka. More the references in publications on Sri Lankan tourism has mentioned us in Rough guide to Sri Lanka with the highlights of tours in Kandy on page 254 , Bradt Guide To Sri Lanka has mentioned the best trekking experience we give for our trekkers, in page 254. Foot print travel guide is another to add footnotes on our journey with birds on page 214. We share our amusement with many more adding World Challenge,Ananda’s Risen ,and China tours. Our wealth is measured not with money but with giving the best experience to our trekkers around the world. We create good bird watchers by giving unforgettable experience of bird trekking by giving the masterly skills accomplished by our team. One main goal of our team is to get more human attraction with the nature with wild life and to see the most.

Bird Watching

Bird watching is a hobby that never dies from young to old. But without knowing who the birds really are makes it hard to achieve. We (ur name) help the toddler bird watches to get knowledge on birds from basic the maximum by making them familiar with birds by watching them with proper methods. We offer the bird identification book to make your self more into bird watching and to get extra help on identifying the exact bird. Camping at different eco friendly case based, hiking on mountains make you feel the true beauty of the birds and see the natural habitats of them. We are a group blessed and gifted on the knowledge of experience by dealing with Mother Nature for the very first day. What we believe is treating our Mother Nature will make you a better person day by day by giving the best from nature to you. Before the sun rise we make our journey to watch birds as most birds are early birds and it’s always advisable to be at the correct place to catch the best bird view. We always make our best attempt to catch the view of the birds before they leave their domineering area or their cadges in the mornings.

Going after birds leaving their domains is no good time for observation and it is not our aim to make you familiar with. Again birds return to their nests after the evening four to get settle to spend the night. We never fail to catch that sight for our bird watches. Camping and tracking is makes you more familiar with the birds with night life. We are a well equipped team for Night watching birds and that is one sight most of our bird watches never miss.