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Nocturnal Birds and other animals in Sri Lanka

Nocturnal Birds
Nocturnal birds are sleep during the day, often in a burrow or den may camouflage in the day time and bright lighting the night time. When shine a flashlight during the night could see eye shines to locate them.
The sounds at night time received from birds, which gives information about the type of bird, direction, distance, and texture. Best time to see them at dawn or dusk when owls are easily spotted and more active.

One night owling and other nocturnal bird watching around Kandy

One night nocturnal bird watching in and around Victoria Reservoir near Kandy

Two days and night bird watching in Knuckles Range

Three days and night bird watching in Knuckles Range and Sorabora lake

Bats Watching
The only mammals in the world naturally capable of flight. Sri Lanka is home for much wider variety of bats around 30 Species.The mega bats that are found on the island belong to the three genera, namely Pteropus (Flying fox), Cynopterus (two species of short-nosed fruit bats) and Rousettus (dog faced fruit bat). These bats do not use echolocation apart from the genus Rousettus.

Sri Lanka is the home for The red slender loris. It favors lowland(up to 700 m in altitude), tropical rainforests and intermonsoon forests of the south western wet-zone of Sri Lanka.

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