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Wild Life Safaries in Sri Lanka

Bird waching while other wildlife
While bird watching in Sri Lanka anywhere, anytime could be spot other wildlife with combination of local knowledge, patience, and a little luck. In many instances in the bird watching holidays will take in a variety of species, and all you to take time to enjoy other wildlife, mammals we encounter, or indeed reptiles, amphibians, dragonflies, butterflies, fresh water fishes in the day time and night time mammals, moths and other creatures. Also we could organize butterfly watching, dragon and damselfly watching, small reptile watching or any other wild life fauna and flora specially ferns, flowering plants, mash rooms or any other special interest excursion in Sri Lanka. Also Sri Lanka currently declared 26 national parks which together cover an area of 5,734 km2. We could do wild life safaris to watch animals in national park.

One day Safari to Wasgamuwa National Park

Two day Safari to Wasgamuwa National Park and Knuckels Range

01 days to 14 days special tours for butterfly, dragonfly and damselfly, reptile, bats and lories or any of your special interest in wildlife spotting

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