Butterfly Watching

There are about 20 000 species of butterflies around the world and Butterflies have made Sri Lanka a home for them with adding 245 butterfly species with 23 Endemic butterflies. There are like 20 types of butterflies according to the shape and size of them. Most butterflies are threatened globally due to air pollution and natural calamities around the world. Yet Sri Lanka is fortunate enough to conserve many butterflies in Sri Lanka for the butterfly watches to capture in their eye. Sri Lankan butterfly studying history goes up to 1840 and many have done butterfly thesis based on the butterflies in Sri Lanka. Butterflies are indeed different from Moths and butterfly antennae are club shaped with long shaft and bulb at the end.

The antennae of the moth are feathery or saw edged. A butterfly watcher can easily identify the difference of moth a butterfly by closely observing them with us. Even butterflies squally rest with their wings closed and moths stay with open wings. Butterflies live in their specified plants since they cannot live or grow on different plants at different times. Observing butterflies adds observing the plants too. And butterflies do not live in one place but they migrate to different place at their migrant period. We (our company name) very carefully grasp the in and outs of butterflies since that is the most crucial time of butterflies.

Endemic Butterflies

• Ceylon Tiger

Locally common butterfly. Found in mountain forest and human above 1000m.

• Ceylon tree Nymph

Largest Danaidae in Sri Lanka. Flies high. Very slow in blinding and hovering. A rare species.

• Cingalese Bushbrown

Rare butterfly finds near bamboo jungles in the low country wet zone.

• Ceylon tree brown

Locally common species found in up country above 1500m

• Ceylon Forester

A rare bird to see in Uva Patans. Found in grass lands and in low country wet zone and central hills.

• Ceylon palmfly

In Kandy district and a rare one

• Blue oak leaf

Find in heavy forests and a rare to find. A migratory species.

• Pale Ceylon six Lineblue

A rare migratory species found in the wet and intermediate zones.

• Clouded silverline

It’s a rare butterfly found in low country try zone and in north of Sri Lanka.

• Common bird wing

The largest butterfly in Sri Lanka.uncommon migratory species found in all the elevations of Sri Lanka.

• Ceylon Golden Angle

Common species found in the low country wet zone and in the mid country.